ID Form Studio: Form Fetish

Form Fetish
The first virtual form below represents the surface between the heel, the Achilles tendon, and the ankle bone taken from a plaster casting. Through a series of manipulations, the virtual form is built into a three-dimensional object while maintaining the integrity of the surface.

A tactile form has been generated to study and observe both the interior and exterior of this unique surface while exploring the idea of a hand-held object.

Fetish Casing
The tactile form invites the exploration of various hand positions. The casing prevents the handling and observation of the interior of the form. Nylon is used to create a skin that hugs the surface, adds a new texture, and conceal the form’s holes. A modified form is created.

The purpose of the casing is to deprive the senses of touch and sight while raising curiosity in the form. Within the cavity of the casing, a nylon skin is accentuating the form, but the structure of the casing is blocking the ability to handle the form.